The Hov Pod is great fun and easy to use.

Attention to detail and careful design means the Hov pod is surprisingly easy to drive. Great effort was taken to design the hull, skirt and IAPSS system to ensure the Hov pod was like no other. Just a flick of the wrist and twist of the throttle gives you on the spot control and manouverability.

Many people have got on the Hov Pod with no expierence of a motor bike or 4x4 or jet ski and are slightly wary. Howver after only 10 minutes they are spinning and gliding around like they have been using it for years. This is not by accident but great care in the design to make it instinctive & simple to use with a minium of controls.

Take a look at some of the videos below to see how much fun and how easy the Hov Pod is to use.

Starting on water is easy!

Set off up the river, spin and spin as you want, awesome fun and so easy in the Hov Pod

Go and have some easy fun

Hov Pod training 2-minutes and in use!

So easy, just open the throttle spin and go!

Just look at this fast approach, spin and stop on the spot at the cameramans feet

Winch on or off in 30 seconds!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

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